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      ABOUT US

      Dongying Zhida Food Machine Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and production of candy machinery, food machinery and packaging machinery, and also shows its unique character. Our products has been highly praised by users in the market for many years, and won a high market reputation.Our business philosophy is quality first and customer priority. We pursue "three guarantees"(for repair replacement or compensation of faulty products) in free and ensure that users will not be troubled by future machinery failure.

      Our company owns abundant technical force and high-precision tooling equipment. Adhering to the management idea of "Sci-tech leading, quality first, talent priority and service supreme", we forgeahead with determination and keep brave in exploitation, for constantly developing new products. 

      Distinguished quality, and excellent services. We firmly believe that Zhida is certain to help you achieve your dream.



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      Address:  Guangrao Town Industrial Park,Guangrao Town, Dongying                       City, Shandong, China

      Tel: 86-546-6919188 

      mobile phone: 13561012577 

      E-mail: sunny820214@163.com 

      Website: www.dghgpx.com